Keeping Your Privacy In A Crowded Neighborhood

A privacy fence is an effective way to define an area of your yard, while also allowing you to enjoy your backyard space and relax. A well-planned privacy fence can also create a trendy outdoor room for your home, complete with an outdoor kitchen, dining area, pool scape and spa, or other personal space. If you’d like to make your privacy fence more permanent, here are a few tips:

If your backyard is located near a busy street or highway, you’ll likely be annoyed by traffic noise or unwanted views of your yard. Your privacy fence will also protect your family and pets from exposure to traffic and other noise. It can also be beneficial if you’re selling your house. However, it may not yield a high ROI. While you’re not guaranteed to make a profit, a privacy fence can enhance the curb appeal of your home.

A privacy fence is also an important way to protect your property from potential burglars. While tall hedges and trees can provide a lush backyard, privacy fences are a good option if your yard is prone to theft. Installing a fence around your home will prevent anyone from cutting your lawn or gaining access to your sheds. The fence will also prevent intruders from stealing your valuable items, including lawn furniture, tools, and other belongings.

Before you decide to install a privacy fence, consider how much you’ll have to spend. Since privacy fences are typically installed to protect your property, the cost per linear foot is calculated according to the size of the enclosed area. Larger, oddly shaped yards will cost more than small, straight yards. There are many types of materials to choose from for privacy fencing, including chain link, vinyl, aluminum, wood, and wrought iron. Chain link is the least expensive option, while wrought iron is the most expensive.

Wooden privacy fencing is an excellent option for many homes, but wood privacy fences will need to be sealed. Wood fences can also be painted to match your home, landscaping, and yard color. Paint and sealant will add to the cost of the fence, so be sure to budget for the material and time needed to maintain it. However, some fencing designs will add more curb appeal to your home, which is worth the extra cost. In addition to the cost, you’ll need to choose the correct type of paint.

Evergreens are also excellent choices for privacy screens. They will provide privacy all year round. Thuja is a large evergreen that grows fast and easily. Thuja trees can be planted close together to create a dense privacy screen. Boxwoods, another evergreen, are slow-growing and are a good choice for formal gardens. If you’re looking for a privacy screen with some privacy, try an evergreen hedge. Boxwoods will provide privacy, but they will not make your home look like a public park.

If you have a wood-framed house, you may want to opt for a wooden privacy fence. Wooden privacy fences are inexpensive and easy to install. However, you’ll have to pay extra for maintenance since wood rots if it gets too much moisture. Make sure to take this into consideration when planning your privacy fence. There are several wood-framed privacy fence options that will fit any decor. And, if you are a homeowner who enjoys a natural look, you can choose one made of cedar or pressure-treated pine. If you want a fence that lasts for years, you can purchase a high-quality privacy¬†fence in Markham from a company such as Allen Fence Company.